Orprize Professional Services provides highly qualified IT Consultants to meet your needs.Today, the only aspect of technology that is constant is changing. Keeping your company's technical demands on par with the rapidly changing market requires utilization of external resources. Orprize strives to save companies time and money, resources that they normally spend on additional employees and training. Our services provide fully integrated solutions, which help clients achieve measurable and sustainable improvements in their business processes.

Once selection is over and if the consultant is not upto the expectation, clients not only loose time but also the money spent so far. At Orprize, we understand your frustration better than any one. Our intense scrutinization of consultants before selecting them as part of our team makes us comfortable in offering any kind of guarantee while offering their services to our clients.

Orprize employs only professional experts, who are kept up to speed with the latest technology. Our employees are trained to accomplish their assigned project in your company with maximum efficiency. Along with that Orprize consulting services provides you with.

Ability to rapidly impart specialized skills into your organization and simultaneously enable technology transfer to your staff.

Ability to enforce effective management of peaks and valleys in manpower requirements.

Ability to examine potential hires in an actual work environment prior to committing to permanent employment.

Ability to out-source development responsibility when internal resources are unable to satisfy business needs.

We resource, you manage!

Reduce your costs by developing products with a team maintaining high quality standards.

Trim your staff during lean times.

You know exactly what you are going to get for the amount you spend.

Relax when we convert your old data to new formats at a low cost.

Reduce your costs by developing products with a team maintaining high quality standards.

Concentrate on your core business while we concentrate on your IT needs.

Reduce your training costs by hiring highly qualified and certified consultants.

  • Network Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Client Server Developers
  • E-Commerce Specialists
  • Business and Functional Analysts
  • Testers
  • Data Related
    • Data mapping and data conversions
    • Dbase data to current databases
    • Legacy data conversions
    • Computerizing old data
    • Application Support
    • Database Support

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Our organization's full time Recruiters ensures that we can be responsive to client requirements.

Our process includes interviewing and qualifying numerous candidates with a variety of information systems experience.