Orprize specializes in filling technical positions with the most advanced and exciting companies in the industry. High technology is one of the fastest growing fields due to the never-ending need for skilled technologists across virtually all industry sectors.

At Orprize, we take the time to learn about your past experience and future career goals. Based on this information, we present you with opporunities at our clients that match your interests. We help develop a marketing strategy to get you the opportunity you really want. Then, with your permission, Orprize will contact clients and be your advocate throughout the interview process. Our existing relationships with our clients will strengthen you as a qualified candidate.

At Orprize, we are experienced computer systems professionals so we appreciate the work our consultants are doing. We also help to manage the careers of experienced consultants in this dynamic and exciting business. Our highly effective staff have the proven ability to place software and systems professionals in consulting roles across a broad range of large companies in the Internet, Telecom, Aerospace, Computer, Insurance, Banking and Software industries as well as the small growing high-tech organizations. Orprize prides itself on building lasting relationships with individuals in the technology sector. We want to represent you throughout your career -- today and in years to come.

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Our organization's full time Recruiters ensures that we can be responsive to client requirements.

Our process includes interviewing and qualifying numerous candidates with a variety of information systems experience.